Square Scoop


Dedham is very often the envy of other communities which have no downtown. Take a walk through the Square and you'll see why.  Notice the unique boutiques, the variety of eateries, the art deco movie theatre, the coffee shop on the corner where everyone knows your name.   See families gathering for ice cream, neighbors chatting at the farmers market, coworkers going out for lunch.  Look at the babies in strollers, the seniors on park benches, classmates en route to the library.  Watch the merchants greeting their customers, the jurors reporting for duty, the firefighters readying their gear, the postman delivering mail.  Spot the town employees arriving for work, the shopkeeper washing his window, the policeman waving to a child.  Catch a glimpse of the church steeples, the shiny bronze courthouse dome, the flowers in bloom.   This is Dedham Square.

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