About DSC

The Dedham Square Circle (DSC) is a designated 501(c) 3 non-profit founded in 2006 by a small group of residents and Square business owners who came together out of their collective commitment to preserve the historic downtown of Dedham and to stimulate business and economic development by promoting its unique history, amenities and culture. DSC is a civic organization started by the community, for the community.  DSC and its volunteers have infused new energy into Dedham, become a recognizable presence, and built a level of credibility with residents, business owners and the Town.

Our Mission:  the Dedham Square Circle is committed to invigorating Dedham Square by increasing its economic prosperity, promoting its rich history, arts and culture, and aesthetically enhancing the Square's physical environment to benefit the entire community.


DSC is the only organization focused solely on Dedham’s historic downtown and its needs, offering residents opportunities to get connected, stay involved and be part of the process.  The organization aims to enhance the appearance of the Square, improve parking and other services for shoppers and visitors, promote tourism and organize special Square events. These efforts will strengthen the economic vitality of the Square, build on Dedham’s history and create a strong and positive link to town government.

The Dedham Square Circle follows the National Trust for Historic Preservation's “Main Street” program approach to commercial district revitalization, an innovative methodology that combines historic preservation with economic development to restore prosperity and vitality to downtowns and neighborhood business districts.   Following the Main Street model, which has been used successfully by hundreds of downtowns across the country, we are undertaking a four-point approach to improving Dedham Square which focuses on Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Development.  




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