Live Music

Location : Paradise Cafe, 555 High St.   
Date : 14-Sep-2012   Friday  
Time : 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Type:  General  

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Lenny Solomon has the same kind of delivery as the great Bob Dylan: laid back and easy going, yet still managing to be thought-provoking and engaging. Guitarist Bill Gibbs, bassist Don Barry, and drummer Dennis Gurgul round out the sounds on Solomon's sophomore album that finds the songwriter maturing both lyrically and musically. Check out the breezy romp of "Island of Misplaced Souls," the country swagger of "The Great Judgment," the cleverly lighthearted "Let's Go To Mars," or the snappy "Spare Change" and see if Lenny Solomon doesn't touch a special spot in your heart. Good Stuff. - Metronome Magazine (Doug Sloan) April 2007


No cover charge.


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